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Beware of Orlando Sympathy Scams

Monona State Bank has become aware of numerous online scams that are trying to prey on people’s sympathy about the tragedy of the recent Orlando shootings. Fraudsters are now sending out phishing campaigns that try to trick you into clicking on a variety of links about blood drives, charitable donations, "inside" information or "exclusive" videos to help the victims in Orlando. Don't let them trick you into clicking on anything, or open possibly dangerous attachments you did not ask for!

If you receive any emails or visit websites about the Orlando shootings, be very suspicious. With this topic, think three times before you click. It is very possible that it is a scam, even though it might look legit or was forwarded to you by a friend -- be especially careful when it seems to come from someone you know through email, a text or social media postings because their account may have been hacked. 

If you do want to donate to this cause or a related charity, we recommend that you go to the charity web site directly by typing their name in the address bar of your browser and do not click on a link in any email. Do not let your sympathy and desire to help out make you a victim as well.

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