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Help Stop Scammers

Scammers never stop, which we’re sure you’re aware of when you look at your phone history or check your email.  Here are some important tips to help you not fall prey to the fraudsters.

Pay attention to the phone number calling you or email address emailing you.  If it’s not a local number or clearly not from Monona Bank, do not provide any personal information.  And be careful even if it is.  Ask for the caller’s name and location and never be afraid of emailing or calling someone (or us) back directly to a known email or phone number before providing any personal information.

Creating urgency is one way scammers get people to act without thinking.  They’ll tell you your account has been suspended or your account has been closed. 
Asking for payment through gift cards or sending too much money when making a purchase are two giant red flags.

Never hesitate to contact us directly at 223-3000 or stop into any of our nine convenient locations to discuss any concerns you may have.  Together, we can help keep your accounts safe. 

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