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At Monona Bank we are continually taking “green” steps at all nine of our locations to decrease our environmental footprint. We have recently gone through some green-focused renovations at a couple of our locations in which we incorporated energy efficient features to further help our environment.

Throughout the last couple of years, we have also taken the opportunity to add more environmentally friendly and energy efficient elements to each of our locations, large and small. Below are just a few of the improvements we have been making at each of our locations:

  • Switching our office lights to LED.
  • Keeping our shades down in the summer to help decrease our AC usage.
  • Planting perennials and annuals outside of all our locations.
  • Implementing a new recycling program.
  • Installing touchless faucets to reduce water consumption in our restrooms.
  • And much more. 

In addition to our building improvements, we have also been adding new services for our clients to help them reduce their environmental footprint as well, including:

True Mobile App

Our app is a great tool to make deposits, transfer money, send money and so much more. All these great app features give you the ability to save time, money, and gas.


Signing up to receive your bank statements electronically helps reduce the about of paper being printed and eliminates some of the adverse transportation impacts.

Online Applications

Looking to apply for a mortgage, home equity loan, or a Monona Bank Visa® credit card? Use our easy online applications and save gas by applying at home.

This is only the beginning as we will continue to bring you more products and services that will not only continue to make strides towards creating a better environment for our world, but also make your banking journey even more extraordinary.

If you have any questions about our products and services, or how Monona Bank can help you, please give us a call at (608) 223-3000 or email us at customercare@mononabank.com.