Man holding iPad

One of the most basic lessons we learned growing up was, “Never take candy from strangers!” this was a good life lesson then, but it is still true today, especially in today’s online world.

What this means today is that you should never download an application or software from a non-trusted third-party application store. You simply do not know what could be lurking inside many “free” mobile apps data, and you certainly do not want to expose your computer or smartphone to scams these fraudulent apps may contain.

More and more third-party mobile application marketplaces are popping up on the internet to entice potential victims in downloading free and exciting applications directly from their websites. Why is this such a threat? Downloading an application or software from a non-trusted third-party store on the internet can infect your smartphone or tablet with malicious software that can give a hacker the ability to control your device and access your contacts, passwords, and financial accounts.

So, what is a third-party application store? It is an online marketplace that only offers third party mobile apps, which are applications that are not created by the operating systems’ manufacturers. Although there are many third-party mobile apps on Google’s and Apple’s mobile app stores, these third-party mobile app marketplaces do not have the same strict criteria that Google and Apple require for third-party apps to be featured in their marketplaces. It is much easier for scammers to submit a mobile app to these “pop up” third-part mobile app marketplaces with no system to check whether they may infect your mobile device.

With more and more scammers popping up every day with new ways to trick you into giving up sensitive information, it is more important than ever to be extra careful and only download apps from trusted mobile app marketplaces. If you have any questions about where to safely download the Monona Bank True Mobile App, visit our True Mobile App page on our website, or contact our Customer Care at (608) 223-3000 or at