African American Family smiling

Monona Bank condemns all acts of racism, injustice, and systemic bias in our society. We acknowledge these acts specifically affect the social and economic well-being of African Americans, and other minority races in our communities. We stand with our neighbors and proudly state, Black Lives Matter. Racism, systemic biases, and unjust acts must be called out, named, and brought into the light so we can all experience a better community and better world.

Our bank pledges to work to find ways to be a part of a lasting solution to improve the opportunities and quality of life for people of color who live and work in our communities. Earlier this year, Monona Bank created a Diversity and Inclusion Committee comprised of Associates whose special passions are truly dedicated to creating a better workplace and community for everyone. This team is dedicated to formulating actionable steps we can take to improve both our bank and our communities. We will challenge the norm to make Monona Bank a more extraordinary place for our associates, clients, and vendors. Together, we can create a better world.