Home Equity Loans

Home Equity Loans

What have you been dreaming of? An updated kitchen? A finished basement? New appliances? A week-long vacation?

Maybe a new car, truck, boat or RV? Or perhaps you're looking for an economical way to pay for your dream vacation or consolidate your debts. If you have equity in your home, using the equity can be an excellent way to finance your dreams at an affordable rate.

Monona Bank offers flexible home equity options to meet your payment preferences. In addition to traditional Home Equity Loans, we feature a unique Home Equity Total Line of Credit that combines the best features of all home equity products.


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What's so special about our Home Equity Total Line of Credit – known as TLC?

  • TLC gives you total control over your loan by allowing you to use it as a line of credit with a variable rate or a home equity loan with a fixed rate and payment schedule
  • TLC offers a unique "RateLock" option that allows you to fix all (or even just a portion) of your balance at anytime
  • Protect yourself from rising rates by using the RateLock option to fix your payments
  • TLC offers low, interest only payments
  • It's so easy to apply! Just click here to begin, or contact a Home Equity Lender
  • Tax Advantages May Apply


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