Points2U Reward Program

Get more of what you want with fewer points!

Monona State Bank simplifies your rewards experience. If you are a consumer, you can now view your points balance, access the rewards catalog and even redeem your points for the stuff you want, right through MononaBank Online.

If you are a business account or do not currently have a MononaBank Online account, click here to register or log in to the Points2U site.catalog.

To ensure that you earn the maximum points from your purchases, please review our Points2U frequently asked questions below.

Please stop in or call us to learn more about the new Points2U rewards program and the great opportunity it offers you for travel and merchandise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I choose "credit" on my Debit Card purchase, does it then make it a credit card transaction?

A: No. Debit cards provide a choice for you when you make a purchase with your plastic. You can choose "debit" and enter your personal identification number (PIN), or you can choose "credit" and sign for the purchase. Either way, your purchase will be debited against the primary checking account linked to your card. A common misconception is that by requesting your debit card purchase be run as a "credit" transaction, you will be "charging" the purchase like a credit card-this is simply not true.

Q: So what is the advantage to me in choosing the "credit" option when using my debit card?

A: Monona State Bank rewards you with points earned for any "credit" (or signature) purchases made with your Monona State Bank VISA® Debit Card, VISA® Business Debit Card. You do not earn points for any debit (PIN) transactions. With our new Points2U Rewards program, you earn 1 point for every $2 purchased with your debit card when you sign for the transaction, or are not required to enter a PIN.

Remember, you only earn points on the credit (signature) transactions, so whenever possible ask for or select "credit" before the transaction is completed. An exception would be in the event that you want cash back from your purchase transaction; you will need to choose 'Debit', as the credit option does not allow cash back (but you won't earn points).

Q: Do I earn Points2U Rewards on my credit card?

A: Monona State Bank offers Points2U rewards on its VISA® Consumer Platinum Credit Card, as well as the VISA® Business Credit Card. With purchases made using either of these cards, you earn 1 point for every $1 spent.

If you currently have a Monona State Bank VISA® Classic or VISA® Gold credit card and are interested in switching to our new VISA® Platinum card with Points2U rewards, please stop by any of our locations and ask a Personal Banker for more details.

Please stop in or call us to learn more about the new Points2U rewards program and the great opportunity it offers you for travel and merchandise.

Q: Do my Points2U points ever expire?

A: Yes, points will expire if they are not redeemed within a three-year period from the date they are earned. We recommend that all clients monitor their points balances carefully and review their monthly Points2U e-statement.

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