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MononaBank Online

Our Branch in Your Home

Our most comfortable location is right in your home or office. With MononaBank Online, you can access your Monona State Bank accounts right from your computer, anywhere, anytime!

This free service is truly our branch in your home! If you have a Checking, Savings, CD or Loan account you can take advantage of this secure, convenient way to bank.

Take advantage of this great FREE service that lets you bank by computer around the clock. Any customer with a Checking, Savings, CD or Loan account can take advantage of this secure, convenient way to bank. For even more convenience, take advantage of our optional bill payment service.

Before enrolling in MononaBank Online, please click here to review our Online Banking Agreement & Disclosure Statement and our Online E-Sign Agreement.

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With MononaBank Online You Can:

  • Access Checking, Savings, Loan, CD and consumer credit card accounts.
  • View and print up to 90 days of deposit account history or 45 days of credit card history.
  • Transfer money between your accounts.
  • Make one-time or recurring loan or credit card payments.
  • Schedule recurring transfers.
  • Monitor cleared checks.
  • Export account information to financial software including Microsoft Money and other spreadsheet programs.
  • Enroll in our optional Bill Pay Service and pay bills online with the click of a mouse.
  • And more!

To review MononaBank Online system requirements click here.

MononaBank Online Bill Pay Service

Imagine paying all your bills with a single mouse click! No writing checks, buying stamps or licking envelopes. Your baby-sitter, phone company and other bills can all be paid in just a few minutes online. To keep you organized, we even offer record keeping and reporting features.

True Advantage checking clients have no fee for this service.

Clients who pay three bills or more per month will have no monthly Bill Pay fee. Clients who pay less than three bills per month will be assessed a $3.95 monthly Bill Pay fee.

Pay Bills Conveniently:

  • Pay bills from your checking account in minutes anytime, day or night.
  • Save money on stamps and checks.
  • Pay multiple bills on a single screen.
  • Schedule future and recurring payments.
  • Pay an unlimited number of bills.

Pay Anyone:

  • Choose a payee from our convenient payee list to pay a common vendor, like your phone or electric company.
  • Personalize your payee list to include anyone - even your babysitter!

Keep Organized Records of Your Payments:

  • Generate reports of all bills paid to a selected payee, such as your cell phone or credit card company.
  • Set up categories of payments, such as "household", "auto" or "entertainment." Run reports to track your spending in each category.
  • Download payment history to financial software including Microsoft Money and spreadsheet programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

For additional information, click the help icon when in MononaBank Online for help specific to each page.

Q: Can I use MononaBank Online if I only have a savings, loan or CD account?

A: Yes, but that would limit your bill-payment capability, as most savings accounts have a limit on the number of transactions they can support each month. You may not pay bills from a CD or loan account.

If you have a savings account, you may take advantage of automatic enrollment. Follow the steps to enroll today.

If you only have CD or Loan account, you will choose the link for "CD or Loan only" when enrolling. Follow the steps to enroll. You will be able to access your CD and Loan information one business day after enrolling.

Q: Why isn't my account appearing on the Account Summary page?

A: If you opened the account after you enrolled in MononaBank Online, you will need to notify your personal banker to make this account viewable in MononaBank Online. Please call or e-mail your personal banker and let them know you wish to view your account.

If the account you are looking for is a small business account, MononaBank Online may not automatically show the account for security purposes. Since MononaBank Online is designed primarily for personal banking, it doesn't support the naming conventions and special circumstances related to businesses. Call your banker to determine if your small business account can be viewed using MononaBank Online.

Q: How can I get an account to appear in MononaBank Online if I am not the direct owner (for example, I'm a trustee or POA)?

A: Call Monona State Bank to learn how to establish permission to view an account you are not the direct owner of.

Q: How many days of account history are retained in MononaBank Online?

A: MononaBank Online retains 90 days of deposit account history.

If you wish to keep more extended history records, we recommend downloading and maintaining your history using a personal financial manager (PFM) tool like Microsoft Money or Intuit Quicken. In addition, history can be downloaded in QIF or CSV format for import into spreadsheets.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of transactions that will display when viewing an account?

A: MononaBank Online will display up to 3000 transactions, well over the number of transactions a typical account user generates. Please note that displaying an extremely high number of transactions at one time may impact the performance of your online banking session.

Q: My spouse and I each have our own unique user IDs and passwords for MononaBank Online, but we share a joint account. If one of us assigns our own description to the account in MononaBank Online, will the other see it when he logging on?

A: No. Account preferences like descriptions and ordering are tied to each user's unique login profile.

Q: Can a secondary signer on an account use that account for bill pay?

A: Yes, as long as they have been given entitlement to use that account.

Q: Is Bank Mail encrypted?

A: Bank Mail is not encrypted, but is sent over a dedicated, secure line so it's safe to include sensitive information like account numbers. For your security, do not use your regular e-mail (such as your e-mail at work, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, etc.) when you wish to include sensitive information regarding your accounts. Bank Mail was designed specifically to provide you with a safe, electronic means to communicate with us.

Q: Can I also enroll and access my business account(s) through MononaBank Online?

A:To enroll your business account(s) in our MSB Business eBanking solution, call (608) 223-3000 between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm (M-F) to speak with one of our bankers. Due to the unique security requirements of business accounts, you will need to speak to a banker to set up your business online banking account during regular business hours and cannot utilize our after hours online enrollment assistance feature.

To learn more about our Business eBanking options available, click here.