Health Savings Accounts for Consumers

Health Savings Accounts for Consumers

Monona Bank makes it easy to plan and save for your medical expenses.

With a Health Savings Account (HSA), either you or your employer can make contributions to your HSA account.  You’ll open an HSA account at any of our nine locations with one of our experienced Banking Advisors.  After you open an account, you can make contributions directly to the account or you can provide your direct deposit information to your employer and they’ll make your contributions directly.  Consistently making deposits will help you build an account balance for any future medical needs. 

Account Benefits with Monona Bank:

  • No Minimum Contribution Amount - You can tailor how much you contribute to your HSA to meet your personal budget and goals.
  • No Account Minimums – You don’t need to worry about low balance fees when medical expenses require you to use the money in your account.
  • Easy Transaction Options – Easy access to your money is important when you have a medical expense.  To access your money, you can use our HSA VISA® Debit Card, transfer money online to your checking account, use an ATM or stop into any of our locations to make a withdrawal.  
  • Earn Interest On Your Deposits – Our HSA account pays you interest to help your HSA savings grow. 
  • We Make Tax Reporting Simple – At the end of the year, we’ll report to you your contributions and distributions. You should always keep your receipts to ensure proper tax reporting.

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